A2PWe are Chase and Yorke Reynolds and we put aside sibling rivalry to join forces as a brother-sister operated farm located in Cleveland, NC. We operate a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program whereby creating a mutual partnership between our community and the farm. Our produce is always grown organically and we are certified organic. Our farm is highly diversified, as we believe true sustainability can only be reached through a community type approach to growing. In addition to produce, we offer free range eggs from our lady clucks who receive a supplementary non-GMO feed. We also raise a variety of other animals, some for meat purposes and our current selection encompasses pasture raised poultry including ducks, guineas, turkey, and chickens, as well as Berkshire pork and Angus beef.

And of course, as our name implies, we host a proud flock of alpacas! Currently we have 34 alpacas ranging from 13 year old Rystal to our most recent additions born in the summer of 2015. We shear our flock once a year in mid-April and the fleece otherwise called fiber, is processed into yarn which is then produced into a wide variety of clothing items including socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, and toys. You’d be hard pressed to warm your feet better than wearing a pair of our Survival Socks!

Soon we will be selling our alpaca products through the website. We sell our produce through our CSA and at the Rowan Salisbury Farmers Market in downtown Salisbury, NC.