About Us

Welcome to Two Pigs Farm! We are Chase & Yorke Reynolds; a dynamic brother and sister duo. For better or worse, we put aside sibling rivalry to put our vision of food, farming, and sustainability in to action. We both graduated from NC State (Go Wolfpack) with degrees in engineering. Chase is a mechanical and electrical engineer and Yorke is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer turned family physician. So why farming…?! We love food… growing it, cooking it, sharing it. The summer prior to establishing our farm officially, Chase hiked the Applachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. He stayed at a farm in Massachusetts; the site for the original CSA program. He saw how they integrated farming and the community to create a mutual partnership. And that’s all she wrote. The fire to pursue a dream of true sustainability was ignitied. We jumped in feet first… nearly drowned… but everyday we learn from our mistakes. We choose to grow our produce organically, pasture raise our meat with non GMO feed, and allow our egg layers free range of the land. It’s never easy and usually frustruating, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!