Free Range Eggs

Eggs… you can scramble it, boil it, poach it, fry it (in butter or bacon fat), egg salad, deviled eggs, omelette, egg drop soup, quiche… or my favorite Toad in a Hole! YUM!

We raise over 1000 chicken’s solely for their delicious eggs laid in an assortment of colors including white, brown, and blue-green.  Our chicken’s are locked up in their house at night to protect them from the weather and predators.  Every morning they are released to forage throughout the farm.  They also receive a non GMO grain supplement.  

We sell our eggs at farmers markets, our farm, and at a drop off in Salisbury, NC.  We also sell to Abigail’s Bakery in downtown Salisbury, NC  and to Your Mom’s Donut’s in Matthews, NC.