Grain & Grass-fed Cows

We raise Black Angus cows; both grain- finished and grass-fed.  The live in rotating sections of woods and pasture.  Our grain finished cows receive Non-GMO grain supplement throughout their life vs. the usual grain only option during the last few months to fatten them up for market.  Either way grass or grain fed, our cows enjoy fresh air, grassy fields, and no antibiotics during their life. 

Oh and there’s Lady Cow… our resident jersey.  We saved her from the meat auction from a local dairy.  She had just had her first calf, developed hip dysplasia from living on concrete, and was not producing enough milk to meet dairy standards.  Three strikes!  Fortunately for her, we were in need of a milking cow.   Neither she nor I had ever experienced hand milking… fun is not how I would describe it.  Serious hand cramping that first week… props to those who milk on the regular.  Luckily, Lady Cow and I bonded almost instantly.  Today, she’s the alpha female of our herd; always coming when called, which is good when she and the others feel like going on walkabout!?

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