Heritage Pork

We raise Heritage Pork Breeds. But what does that mean? Heritage defines distinct breeds of pigs that can be traced back prior to industrial hog farming.  Our pigs are raised on woods and pasture through a rotating system. They receive supplemental Non-GMO feed and all the roots, bugs, acorns, hickory nuts, and fruits they can find.We predominantly raise Berkshire, but have a few crossbred sows of Berkshire and Tamworth.

We predominantly raise Berkshire, but have a few crossbred sows of Berkshire and Tamworth.  Berkshire’s originate from the English couty of Berkshire. Berkshire pork is prized for juiciness, flavor and tenderness due to its heavy marbling.

We recently began experimenting with slower growing swine breeds that prosper on predominantly grass fed diets. Known for their amazing meat marbling and flavor, we expanded our breeding lines to include the coveted Meishan, Mangalitsa, and Kune Kune. We predominantly rotate our newer breeds through our peach and apple orchard… a most willing clean-up crew.

The Meishan is one of the oldest breeds of pig originating from the Taihu region of China. Very slow growing, they thrive on pasture. Their meat is intensely micro marbled red meat pork; a true delicacy. With large droopy ears, wrinkly faces, and docile personalities… its easy to forget that their not pets.

The Mangalitsa is a hungarian breed that grows a wooly coat similar to sheep and is known as the “Kobe Beef of Pork” for its beautiful fat marbling.  The Kune Kune is a medium sized slow growing breed of pig from New Zealand. Docile and friendly, they thrive on pasture with minimal destruction of the land… and their meat is beautifully marbled too!