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Snow – A beautiful disaster

I’m always excited for the first snow (or any snow) of the year.  In North Carolina, snow means either a light snow or 6-8″ of snow covered by an inch or two of sleet and ice.  Luck was not with us this time… snow flurries turned into over 8″ of snow with a thick 2-3″ of ice. 

I love snow. It captures an essence of beauty that is impossible to recreate…. purity, rebirth, as well as isolation.  It embodies both darkness and light.  It has the ability to stop time and literally freeze it in a moment.  But enough philosophical mumbo jumbo.  Snow also speaks to disaster and destruction.

Alas, our dear 100 foot greenhouse succumbed to the snow and ice… Frankenstein has died!  First, yes, we name our greenhouses.  Frankenstein got her name from her rather intrepid past.  It all started 5 years ago during one blustery week in March.  With three people, we were able to put up this monstrosity of a greenhouse; our largest yet.  The day after attaching the plastic, a 60 mph gust of wind comes roaring over the hill and rips the plastic right off the frame.  I watched from 200 yards away as the plastic flew into the air like a giant kite only to land on the fence line.  It was largely intact, but torn in too many places to count.  We reattached it to the frame and “stitched” her back together with duck tape and greenhouse tape.  And thus the name Frankenstein was born. 

After 5 years of constant repairs, she finally gave up to the snow and ice.  Unfortunately, the plastic and frame itself collapsed leaving only one post standing. But like her name suggests, Frankenstein will be born from the rubble and rise again!  Though, I think we will have to wait till spring to resurrect her.

One more thing to add to the to dolist, but still snow is beautiful!