Our Alpaca Family

Our journey into the wonderful world of alpacas began on Halloween in 2011. I had always dreamed about one day raising alpacas, but never imagined it would happen so soon. I had recently registered on the USA National alpaca organization website and lo and behold I received an email about a couple selling their herd in Michigan. Within 3 days, I placed a down payment; 3 weeks later they arrived. Sixteen beautiful Suri alpacas came in a single horse trailer. It had been a bumpy road for them starting with a flat tire somewhere in Ohio; however in the darkness of night, we heard them bustling down our pothole filled gravel road. It was too dark to see their faces, but their humming filled the night sky. That was it… I was in love.

Today, we have 42 beautiful alpacas. Once a year, we shear (a fancy word for haircuts) and use their fiber to make beautiful products. I am often asked to describe alpacas… I tell people they are like pony sized cats… brimming with personality, some craving attention while others appreciate their solitude. “Do they spit?” another pertinent question… my answer “an alpaca would never be so rude?!”

Enjoy browsing through our family scrapbook… and fall in love with our alpacas today!